Abs/Con-ded is part of the upcoming GOOPof7 and Friends exhibition titled Panel Discussion.  This show includes solo works by GOOPof7 members and collaborative works between GOOPof 7 members as well as artist friends of the GOOPof7. It begins June 5 at the Visual Arts Studio Association (VASA) Gallery in St. Albert, and you are invited to attend the opening reception on Thursday June 7 at 6 p.m..

This particular work is a solo piece of mine. But it is also a salute to my friends in the Abstract and Contemporary (Abs/Con) forum of WetCanvas, an online community that I have been involved in for over a decade. Two of us in the GOOPof7 actually met while serving as volunteer guides in the forum.

The three painted wood panels were each inspired by the work of a friend from the forum:

Anthony K. Wilson Senior, known in the forum as Boafamily, from Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Anthony’s artist website is http://www.positiveinspirationtoday.com.

Alita Porter, known in the forum as graphicali, from rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Alita’s artist website is http://www.doricdragons.co.uk.

S. Lee Rogers, known in the forum as Bilateral, from California, USA. S. Lee’s work can be found in the Abs/Con forum of WetCanvas, and their new artist website will be launched in the near future.

And the palette for the painting was inspired by Katie Black, known in the forum as Katie Black, from Costa Rica. Katie’s artist website is http://www.katie-black.artistwebsites.com.

It was difficult to choose just a few friends from the many talented artists that frequent the Abs/Con forum. And it was a great learning experience trying different techniques to emulate the styles of Anthony, Alita, and S. Lee. There is nothing like inspiration, emotional investment, and challenges to get the creative juices flowing.

Thank you Alita, Anthony, Katie, S. Lee, and WetCanvas for the inspiration!