So far I am immune to the dreaded “artist’s block.” I always have ideas about what to try next and what my future portfolio might include. This is not bragging, because in December, January and February I had a different dreaded affliction that I am dubbing “artist’s muck.” No matter how inspired my vision, nor how innovative my ideas, everything I worked on turned to muck. Every choice made resulted in a significant mistake that soured the piece. I was salvaging works and created materials that I truly detested into works I merely disliked for┬ámore than two months of studio time.

This piece is the first since that period began that happened as planned, even better than planned. It’s colours were designed to be joyous, but the feeling it gave me as I checked in on it curing was glorious. It is that first sip of clean cold water, after a long hot day without; the first few notes or chords of that song to which you just have to dance; that glimpse of a long missed friend.

A little painting, 12 x 12 x 1.6 inches, but so big for me!